Grё@thΙll 发表于 2006-1-21 10:17:44

We finished our science database merge (consolidating all data from Classic SETI@home and SETI@home/BOINC) and are back online serving workunits. Our servers may be overly busy trying to create/send work for a day or two. More information in Technical News.

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February 6, 2006

BOINC lets you mix in other scientific computing with SETI@home. For example, check out SIMAP, a new project from the Technical University of Munich. SIMAP calculate similarities between proteins. It provides a public database of the resulting data, which plays a key role in many bioinformatics research projects.


Youth 发表于 2006-2-14 16:02:16

February 6, 2006

BOINC lets you mix in other scientific computing with SETI@home. For example, check out SIMAP, a new project from the Technical University of Munich. SIMAP calculate similarities between proteins, and supplies the resulting data to many bioinformatics research projects. Or join the SZTAKI Desktop Grid, from the MTA-SZTAKI Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems in Budapest, Hungary, which is attempting to find all the generalized binary number systems.


Youth 发表于 2006-2-14 16:03:50

February 14, 2006

BOINC and have joined forces with the BBC to launch a new experiment, a full simulation of climate change from 1920 to 2080, described on a BBC television documentary Meltdown (BBC-4, February 20th, for UK BOINCers). SETI@home participants can attach to (be warned that a 160-year climate simulation is a long workunit even by's extravagant standards).

BOINC和CPDN已经和BBC联合发起了一项新的实验 - 从1920年到2080年的气候的完全模拟。这项实验将在BBC的节目中被介绍(4台,2月20日,仅英国)。SETI用户可以直接加入到。必须注意到160年的气候模拟即便是以CPDN的标准来说也是一个很长的任务。

Youth 发表于 2006-2-14 16:05:17

Outage Notice!

Tuesday (February 14) around 18:00 UTC we'll have a 3 hour outage to reconfigure our download storage array. The data servers will be offline during this time.


Youth 发表于 2006-3-2 09:20:55

February 19, 2006
BOINCcast is the first German Podcast about BOINC. Weekly episodes of 5 minutes length will explain Distributed Computing and the Goals of BOINC to the German public, and will present and explain the projects that use BOINC.


March 1, 2006
Our master science database is still recovering from an unexpected power outage yesterday morning. More in Technical News.


Grё@thΙll 发表于 2006-3-2 13:42:56

February 28, 2006 - 21:15 UTC
We had a planned outage today to remove a couple more items from the server closet (the Classic SETI@home data server and several large, heavy disk arrays which contained the old science database). In order to safely do so, we wanted to power down several important machines so they wouldn't accidentally get bumped and go down ungracefully.
The Bay Area is having a rough winter, and a storm today brought lightning which knocked out power to the entire campus, including our lab, around 8am. Most of the servers went down without a hitch. And with the power off anyway we went ahead and cleaned up the closet as planned. We can now get behind the racks again without painful contortion.

Powering up the entire network is painful, as servers need to revive in a set order, and many hidden mounting issues come to light (that only get tickled by a reboot). Plus some drives needed some fsck'ing. Everything eventually booted up just fine, except for the master science database.

One of the fibre channel loops disappeared on this particular server. Bad cable? Bad GBIC? Not sure just yet, as the terminal wasn't working well enough to give us all the boot diagnostics. We hooked up a laptop and fought with hyperterm to see these messages, but by the time we got that working the machine booted just fine for no explicable reason... but all the metadevices needed to be resynced. This resync could take up to 24 hours, during which the master science database will be down. That means no splitting and no assimilating, and we'll probably run out of work to send before too long. Oh well.

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我的已经断粮有两天了!!我的信息全是No work from project

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引用 wu-zheng 在 2006-3-2 21:55 时的帖子:
我的已经断粮有两天了!!我的信息全是No work from project


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