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May 8, 2006

The first SETI@home fundraising drive has drawn to a close. Thanks to your help, we've raised over $250,000 for continued operations, about one-third of our total goal. Because of this we've been able to complete and release our SETI@home Enhanced application. In addition, in June we will be going to Arecibo to install the new Multi-beam data recorder. If you haven't yet donated, please do.

第一轮募捐将近结束。感谢大家的帮助,目前已经筹集了超过25万美元,大概是总目标的1/3。用这些钱我们能够完成并发布SETI@home Enhanced。另外,六月我们将前往Arecibo安装新的多束数据采集器。也请大家继续支持我们的募捐。

Youth 发表于 2006-5-12 09:04:52

May 11, 2006

A scene in the new television film, Mammoth (Sci-Fi Channel), prominently features the SETI@Home screensaver. Access the clip here


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Youth 发表于 2006-5-13 15:55:22

是seti on boinc的视频

碧城仙 发表于 2006-5-13 16:17:51

下载的时候 URL 地址会被重置,文件名将变为 mammoth.ram ,2.20 MB,下载速度还算很快的。看了看,是一个老男人在看电视,电视屏幕正是 SETI 的屏保界面。

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Youth 发表于 2006-5-17 13:20:38

May 16, 2006

A cascade of problems today caused inability to return results and later, the inability to download new work. One of the data servers lost the ability to see the upload directory. After reboot, it temporarily lost the ability to see the entire network.


Youth 发表于 2006-5-17 13:21:17

May 16, 2006

All of our splitters have been altered to create workunits for SETI@home enhanced. Thanks for your patience during this transition.

从传统计算程序到SETI@home enhanced的转换已经完成!

Youth 发表于 2006-5-19 09:34:22

May 18, 2006

There will be a service outage beginning at 18:30 UTC This is necessary to repair a corrupted file system on one of our storage arrays. The outage should last for approximately 2 hours. As usual, there will be a long period of "catch up" afterwards as the servers are swamped with backlogged requests.


Youth 发表于 2006-5-31 07:36:05

May 30, 2006

At 13:30 UTC yesterday the SETI@home upload/download server failed. We've solved the problem, so you should be able to upload results and download new work at this time. There will probably be a long period where the servers are overloaded with backlogged requests. Thank you for your patience.


Youth 发表于 2006-5-31 07:38:40

May 30, 2006

The SETI@home store is now open. Buy unique SETI@home items - coffee mugs, T-shirts, caps, space pens and more - all with SETI@home logos and graphics. Part of the proceeds go to support SETI@home.


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Youth 发表于 2006-6-17 11:10:18

June 15, 2006

Last week the new multi-beam data recorder was installed at Arecibo Observatory and has already taken some data. A science newsletter with more details is forthcoming.


Youth 发表于 2006-7-7 09:40:51

At 11:18 AM -0700 7/6/06, Matt Lebofsky wrote:
>Due to an lab-wide electrical outage tomorrow morning, we're shutting down
>the entire SETI project starting at 4pm today. *Everything* will be
>turned off and unplugged. Make sure you don't have any running
>processes, logins, etc. at that time.


tonggusi 发表于 2006-7-7 10:42:11

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