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March 30, 2005
Our lab will loose connectivity with campus for 1 hour tomorrow, starting at 14:00 UTC. This means that this web site and the project scheduler will be off the air.
明天从14:00 UTC起我们实验室要和学校断网1小时。这意味着网站和项目调度程序要当掉。

vmzy 发表于 2005-4-2 22:15:21

April 1, 2005
We have released version 4.10 of the setiathome application for windows. This release contains a bug fix that should resolve around a third of the instances of graphics not displaying. Because all clients will be downloading the new application, data service will be slow for a while.
我们已经发布setiathome 4.10 windows版内核程序。本次发布的版本可以减少约1/3的无图像显示的问题。因为全部客户端将自动下载新应用程序,数据服务器可能会变慢。

vmzy 发表于 2005-4-3 21:24:18

April 2, 2005
We have temporarily taken down 4.10 until we can understand why some people are reporting problems with the graphics even though graphics was working for them with 4.09. 4.10 should have only increased the number of people who were able to see the S@H graphics, not decrease.

vmzy 发表于 2005-4-6 15:47:09

April 4, 2005
You can now select a language for this site without changing your browser's language preference.

vmzy 发表于 2005-4-18 21:35:47

April 17, 2005
There are reports of a connectivity problem between some parts of Europe and our Cogent facing server. We are making inquires. For discussion of the problem and a suggested workaround using proxies, see this message board thread.

vmzy 发表于 2005-4-19 21:52:12

April 18, 2005
We have confirmed that there is a known network peering issue between Cogent (our ISP) and OpenTransit (France Telcom) that is affecting connectivity for many participants in Europe. Campus has opened a trouble ticket with Cogent but we are unsure that this will result in a fix. We will post news items as we learn more. Many thanks go to the posters in this message board thread for their diagnostics and work arounds.

vmzy 发表于 2005-4-21 22:00:48

April 20, 2005
There is an excellent document about the European connectivity issue along with work around proxy information here. Appreciation goes to setiathomer tigher for putting together this page and to many others on the messages boards for contributing information.

vmzy 发表于 2005-4-22 22:06:14

April 21, 2005
We will be having a several hours long outage tomorrow for a full database backup. Exact time and duration to be determined.

第三类接触 发表于 2005-4-26 18:42:29

April 25, 2005
In memorium: Philip Morrison. Professor Morrison pioneered the concept of interstellar communication in 1959, creating the field of SETI. Phil will be deeply missed by the Berkeley SETI team.
纪念:Philip Morrison(1915-2005),Morrison教授于1959年率先提出了“星际间交流”的概念,开辟了SETI这一片天地。 伯克利SETI小组将深深缅怀着他。

Philip Morrison的介绍:

vmzy 发表于 2005-4-28 21:52:08

April 27, 2005
We will be having a general outage tomorrow to do a database backup and to reinitialize our replica database server. The replica became corrupt last week due to a disk space issue. After this is done, we should not have to have outages for backups. We will start at 17:00 UTC. The outage will last several hours.
明天我们将例行维护,备份数据库,调试备份数据服务器。上星期由于磁盘空间问题,备份服务器当机了。修好后我们以后基本上都不需要停机进行数据备份了。我们将于17:00 UTC开始维护,可能要停几个小时的机。

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vmzy 发表于 2005-5-4 23:56:56

Our Cogent link has been down since around 9:00am PST (16:00 UTC). Data servers are currently unreachable. The problem is currently being diagnosed. Update: The latest word from Cogent: "There's currently a UFO (Unlimited Fiber Optics) issue that is affecting multiple customers that we are working as quickly as possible to resolve. It is possible that this issue is causing this particular outage. There is currently no ETA on resolution for the current issue." Update 2 (23:30 UTC): Cogent has isolated the fault and has dispatched a person to fix it. We hope to see it fixed soon.
我们的Cogent链接大约从9:00am PST(16:00 UTC)后掉线了。现在无法连接数据服务器。正在查找问题起因。
更新: Cogent的最新的解释: "出现UFO(光纤断裂)问题,影响到许多用户,我们尽快会解决。它很可能是导致这个问题的元凶。现在仍没有有关此次事件的明确解决方案。"
更新2(23:30 UTC): Cogent确定了断点,正在派人修理它。我们希望它能很快被修复。

vmzy 发表于 2005-5-5 22:37:22

May 4, 2005
Our Cogent link came up around 01:30 UTC today. The data server is still clearing the backlog so things are slow.
我们的Cogent网络链接服务商在今天大约01:30 UTC恢复正常了。数据服务器正在清理积压任务,因此响应会比较慢。

vmzy 发表于 2005-5-8 21:54:45

May 7, 2005
It looks like our Cogent link is down again. Campus has been alerted. The data server is unreachable until this is fixed
我们的ICP Cogent又挂了。校方已经发出通告了。在问题解决前,数据服务器将无法访问。
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