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[新闻] Help Conquer Cancer April 2013 Update HCC即将结束,要刷牌子的请抓紧

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Help Conquer Cancer April 2013 Update
    Thanks to overwhelming support by World Community Grid members, and their contributions of CPU and GPU cycles, we are nearing the end of the grid-computation phase of the Help Conquer Cancer project. April 4, 2013, marked the completion of 300 million images.

    Thank you all for continued support. It is exciting to finalize this long project and start getting results we have been waiting for. At the same time – we are embarking on another, even more exciting project.

New Binary Classifiers
We recently used Help Conquer Cancer results to train a new set of binary classifiers to complement our existing suite of Random Forest classifiers. Unlike the 11-way classifiers in the last update (one model distinguishes between 11 experimental outcomes), each of these classifiers detects a different event in protein crystallization trials: is-clear, has-phaseseparation, has-precipitation, has-skin-effect, has-crystal, and junk. (The junk detector is used to label experiments where an obvious experimental error has occurred, such as a missing droplet, or contamination by dust.) Classification results for each classifier are shown below:
我们最近使用HCC项目的结果(总结)出一套新的二元分类法并完成(译注:学会计的不懂binary classifier是什么,机器上翻译的是二元分类,虽然我感觉是二进制计算/表示的分类法)令人激动的随即森林分类套件(译注:这又是什么?!)。不像上一次升级使用的11路分类器(一个模型会产生11种不同的结果),每一个分类器会探测(模拟)蛋白质结晶(过程)中的不同事件:清晰、分相、沉淀、集肤效应、结晶和垃圾。(垃圾探测器同来标注根据经验已知的错误,比如缺失的粒子或者灰尘污染)。分类结果如下所示:
Of course, the most interesting classifier in the group is the crystal detector. It detects crystals with 93% precision and 53% recall,meaning that in our test set, 93% of the images chosen by he crystal-detector contained a true crystal, but that only 53% of crystals overall were detected. Classifiers from earlier updates and publications showed lower precision but higher recall (80%). A plot of the ROC curve of the crystal classifier is shown below.
当然,这组分类其中最有趣的是晶体分类器,有着93%的准确率和53%的回放(译注:recall专业名词不懂啊),这意味着在我们的测试套件中,被晶体探测器选中的图像有93%包含一个真正的晶体,但是只有53%的整体晶体能被探测到。之前发布并使用的探测器有较低的准确率和更高的回放(80%)。以下是一个晶体分类器受试者工作特征曲线(ROC curve):

Towards Project Completion and Future Work
Processing of all work units is nearly complete, with just a few weeks remaining. Much work remains to be done in our lab and in our compute cluster, compiling, analyzing, and mining the results, generating new models, and propagating the advances back into the protein crystallization pipeline. Work will carry on. Meanwhile, the end of Help Conquer Cancer will not be the end of our involvement with the World Community Grid. We are busy developing a new project that will search for prognosticand predictive signatures (sets of genes, proteins, microRNAs, etc.) that help predict patient survival and response to treatment. The project will target multiple cancers. The title, launch date, and further details will be announced at a later date.Some of the relevant related papers:

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