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| operating system =[[Image:Windows.png]][[Image:Linux.png]]
| operating system =[[Image:Windows.png]][[Image:Linux.png]]
| platform =[[BOINC]]
| platform =[[BOINC]]
| program info =
| program info =Chess960≈96.1MB
| work unit info =
| work unit info =
| status =运行中/关闭注册
| status =运行中/关闭注册

2010年5月8日 (六) 11:39的版本


Chess960 at Home Logo.png
Chess960@Home logo

版本历史 2006年3月20日
运算平台 Windows.pngLinux.png
项目平台 BOINC
程序情况 Chess960≈96.1MB
项目状态 运行中/关闭注册
项目类别 数学类
计算特点 CPU密集:



官方网址 Chess960@Home
{{{rss}}} [{{{rss}}} 通过 RSS 获取项目新闻]

Chess960 is a young innovative chess variant. In Chess960, just before the start of every game, the initial configuration of the chess pieces is determined randomly, that means that the king, the queen, the rook, the bishop and the knight are not necessarily placed on the same home squares as in classical chess. Since a few years there are World Championsships taking place in "Chess Classic Mainz" event in August every year. GM Peter Svidler is the current Champion. In this project we try to combine Chess960 and the idea of distributed computing. With the BOINC software framework from the University of Berkeley exists a platform we want to use in this project to perform these computing intensive tasks. With it we want to give this chess variant some basics in theory of this game. We know the fascination of this chess variant is the incredible amount of variations. That will not change with this project but some guidelines seems to be useful in each starting position.

We hope to finish the own application in June 2006 and to start with the first tests this month.

In the meantime the first tests has been started. We still have some problems and unsolved task. But we hope to solve most of the problems in the next weeks or months. Of course we are at the very beginning of this project (still Alpha Phase) and we are sure to meet new problems and challanges in near future.


该项目基于 BOINC 平台,简要的加入步骤如下(已完成的步骤可直接跳过):

  1. 下载并安装 BOINC 的客户端软件(官方下载页面程序下载
  2. 点击客户端简易视图下的“Add Project”按钮,或高级视图下菜单中的“工具->加入项目”,将显示向导对话框
  3. 点击下一步后在项目列表中找到并单击选中 Chess960@Home 项目(如未显示该项目,则在编辑框中输入项目网址:http://www.chess960athome.org/alpha/ ),然后点击下一步
  4. 输入您可用的电子邮件地址,并设置您在该项目的登录密码(并非您的电子邮件密码)
  5. 再次点击下一步,如项目服务器工作正常(并且有适合自身操作系统的计算程序),即已成功加入项目

更详细的加入方法说明,请访问 BOINC 新手指南BOINC 使用教程

本站推荐您加入 Team China 团队,请访问项目官方网站的 团队检索页面,搜索(Search)并进入 Team China 的团队页面,点击页面中的 Join 并输入用户登录信息即可加入!

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