RNA World:常见问题解答

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RNA World 的常见问题解答

RNA World的目标是什么?为什么我要参与呢?(In simple words, what are the goals of RNA World and why should I participate?)

RNA World focuses on RNA research and as such it is the first distributed computing project of its kind. If you take a look for what discoveries the recent Nobel Prizes in chemistry and medicine were awarded (telomerase, ribosome: all RNA-based cell machineries; and before that for RNA interference / miRNAs: small RNAs that regulate cell development and are involved in cancer), you will realize that RNA research is a highly important subject. But maybe you have also once taken antibiotics to help your immune system to battle a bacterial infection. Such antibiotics usually bind to the RNA components of bacterial ribosomes and thereby inactivate protein synthesis and consequently growth of these microbes. Other small RNAs in bacteria are required for attaching to and eventually even invading human host cells. And of course, many aspects of fundamental cellular processes where RNAs are involved are of additional interest to researchers, as e.g. the question whether microorganisms such as bacteria might even possess some sort of primitive immune system (CRISPR RNA family). So as you can see, identifying non-protein-coding RNAs in as many organisms as possible establishes a fundamental basis of knowledge for a diverse range of questions and may even promote the development of drugs to combat diseases. For further information, please see the project description.

RNA World是第一个致力于核糖核酸(RNA)研究的分布式计算项目.从基于RNA结构的细胞器如端粒酶,核糖体,再到能够调控细胞周期,应对癌症的小干扰核糖核酸(siRNA),关于RNA的研究一直是近年来诺贝尔奖的热点.我们平时为了抵御细菌感染而吃的抗生素,通常就是结合在细菌的核糖体RNA上,从而干扰细菌的生长,抑制它们的繁殖;而且,细菌也是依靠一些小RNA来依附和感染人体细胞的.正是因为RNA广泛的参与了许多细胞基础代谢过程,它们也吸引了广泛的研究兴趣,例如:是不是细菌也具有(由CRISPR RNA,即含有规律成簇的间隔短回文重复序列的RNA组成的)某种原始免疫系统呢?于是,在多种有机体内发现和鉴别非编码蛋白质的RNA,能够让我们更多地了解生命的基础,并且促进开发新的药物.如想了解更多的知识,请参见"项目描述".

RNA World目前支持哪些项目?(What applications are currently supported by RNA World?)