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August 29, 2005
Orbit@Home Project Update: we are testing the scientific application, and adding the few more features needed in order to make it completely automatic. This first version of the scientific application will be able to determine the orbit of any asteroid, using only the astrometric observations. After completing our tests, we plan to generate work units and test it on orbit@home, hopefully within 2-3 weeks from now.
At the same time, since the BOINC team has recently introduced a number of new features, we will sync the orbit@home code to the latest BOINC version and fix all the related problems.


September 9, 2005
First application now available, for the i686-pc-linux-gnu platform only. We are generating WUs, and of course we are noticing a lot of problems, as expected. Please report any problem, using the forums.


October 21, 2005
In the last month, we've not been able to work on orbit@home on a daily basis for various reasons, but still some important results have been achieved. The most important improvements to orbit@home are the result of the collaboration with ( researchers in order to be ready to analyze their observations as soon as their survey starts (first light for PS1 prototype is scheduled for early 2006) and the observations are made publicly available. This requires substantial science-code development, and the results so far are extremely positive. As the first wave of WU demonstrated, the code based on ORSA works correctly on remote clients (only Linux platform tested for the moment). In order to provide WUs on a daily basis, we are developing a science-database and the relative management code. This will take a fair amount of time, about two more months of work. For this reason, the beta phase will be postponed to early 2006. Clients for Windows and Mac OS X will be provided as soon as the scientific application is considered sufficiently stable on the Linux platform. All the clients will be provided and tested during the alpha phase, to fix all the major problems before the beta phase.



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We are updating the system to the latest version of BOINC. Some WUs will be released in the next days to test the preliminary version of the scientific database now under development.



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Our proposal submitted to NASA last summer has not been selected for funding.

The orbit@home project hasn't been able yet to find stable funding for its development, but we will continue to work on it with even more passion, investing as much time as possible on it. All the orbit@home users around the world can be sure that this project will start to crunch at full power at some time in the future, even if this time is getting a bit farther now. And we will also continue to apply for other funding, improving the quality of our proposals to increment the chances of getting funded.




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Secondly, how much funding would you need to spend 100% of the time for (say) 4 months on this project? Ballpark figure - few x $10k? few x $100k?

It's not that easy, you have to include overheads from the institute, travels, collaborators, hardware... A typical proposal runs around $50k-$100k/year for a few months of work per year.



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Posted 30 May 2006 5:54:50 UTC

Dear orbit@home users:

The project is very well alive, but in a state of apparent inactivity, at least on the BOINC side. While we didn't work directly on the BOINC application or the science database, in the last months we've been working on ORSA, adding several important features that will be used in the BOINC application. On the funding side, we're "fighting" in order to demonstrate to NASA how important it is to use numerical simulations to support Near-Earth Objects discovery, characterization, and threat mitigation, and we should hear something back about this pretty soon (1-2 weeks from now). We're thinking about extending o@h's science in several directions, such as providing a guide to astronomers to where to point their telescopes every night in order to maximize the probability to detect a new NEO, or how to automatically determine rotation period, spin pole and shape of a NEO, or how to test numerically different deflection methods in order to mitigate the threat posed by NEOs. If these ideas turn out to be scientifically valid, then we should ear great news soon. Otherwise... we'll keep scratching our heads in order to find a way to make o@h start crunching!


Posted 30 Jun 2006 21:37:30 UTC

Unfortunately, the commitee didn't accept my proposal. The conference where those topics were discussed made the news here.



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November 27, 2006
We have updated the network configuration. Please report any connection problem to the forum.



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February 26, 2007

We have finally some news. Good news. We're going to receive a very substantial donation sometime in the next four months, that will allow this project to reach the public beta phase, with support for clients for Linux/Mac OS X/Windows, new work units generated on a daily basis, and a graphical screen saver. Before then, we're going to update the orbit@home website, implementing a donation mechanism and exploring new ways to provide the funding for the project. Your ideas are welcome! One more thing: we're going to re-open for registration by new users. Welcome to the regenerated orbit@home!

好消息!接下来的四个月,项目将得到一笔不小的捐赠!项目注册也已经打开,欢迎加入Team China:


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