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2_958_859_071 发表于 2014-8-6 08:43
当时的列表还没有 vLHC,只有旧的 LHC Test4Theory.

第一次要下载一个 200多M 的包,后来就不用了 ...

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2014. 10. 7



参与人数 1基本分 +30 维基拼图 +5 收起 理由
xx318088 + 30 + 5


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2015-04-04: vLHCathome, Problem with CERN server

Since 8pm yesterday there is a problem with part of the CERN server infrastructure for vLHC@home, which prevents jobs being fetched or returned to the VM's. As CERN is closed for the Easter holidays, this may not get resolved until Tuesday April 7th. In any case we wish all our volunteers a happy holiday break!

The team
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2015-04-04: vLHCathome, Problem with CERN server resolved

Well, in spite of it being Easter Saturday, the support team did identify the failing server machine and the problem is fixed. Particular thanks to Pete Jones (in Geneva) and Artem Harutyunyan (in California !!).

Happy holidays again to all.
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2015-04-15: vLHCathome, Vboxwrapper upgrade to latest version v261.66 (all systems)
Vboxwrapper 升级至v261.66(所有平台)

We have just upgraded to vboxwrapper v261.66 for all BOINC T4T clients (Windows, Linux and Mac).

Please let us know if any problems occur, preferably by posting to this News thread.
Note that starting with this release snapshots will no longer be used: VM's will be Saved rather than PoweredOff when BOINC suspends or restarts, which avoids losing or repeating some jobs or events.
The T4T team
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CERN Summer Computing Challenge - beta testers please欧洲核子研究机构夏日计算挑战赛 (beta样品测试)
Late last year we ran the first CERN Public Computing Challenge to test several new technologies for volunteer computing. Now we are preparing the Summer 2015 edition. We've made many improvements so it needs some final testing and we believe that the T4T community is ideal for this. To help us, just point a Web browser to the URL or go to the Challenge website and click "JOIN NOW" and "START COMPUTING".
访问  或竞赛页面 点击“立刻参与”以及“开始计算”即可。

What's new this Summer?

The new VM has several advanced features:
(1) It uses micro-CernVM which boots faster than CernVM, and it uses the new DataBridge to get jobs faster than CoPilot.
(2) it runs up to 4 simultaneous jobs. If you offer n <= 4 CPU's it opens n Linux containers and runs them all inside your single VM.
(3) It supports jobs coming from multiple projects, not just Test4Theory jobs, so there's an entirely new credit system included called "Credit-Piggy" which collects your credits from all projects into your personal piggy-bank.

To begin with we will be running standard jobs from the Test4Theory project with all results going to the MCPlots database. If you click on the small "BOINC" button at the bottom of the WebAPI page and set your BOINC T4T user ID, then in addition to your Piggy credits you will also collect MCPlots stats for your Billionaire's Club, etc.

Also note: the old Challenge VM was a copy of the current Test4Theory 32 bit CernVM image. The new one is 64bits which means you MUST have VT-x or AMD-V enabled! For help on this see:

More information and hints.
For more detailed testing information please go to:

Please give your feedback initially on this Message Board thread.

Thanks to everyone for supporting T4T and looking forward to your help and interest for our future developments.

The T4T and Challenge teams
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发表于 2016-1-12 12:54:26 | 显示全部楼层
2016-01-11 Latest software versions to use
Following our recent upgrade of vboxwrapper for all apps to the latest v26178, we can now recommend everyone to use VirtualBox version 5.0.10 or 5.0.12 (with their respective extension packs) together with Berkeley's latest recommended BOINC version 7.6.22 from

No known bugs exist with these choices.

The team

来源: ... d.php?id=1751#19821

最近我们将所有应用的vboxwrapper版本升级到了最新的v26178,现在我们可以推荐所有人去使用VirtualBox 5.0.10或5.0.12(及各版本对应的扩展包),配合BOINC推荐的最新版本7.6.22进行计算。
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2016-08-08: vLHCathome, Please don't upgrade to Virtual Box 5.1.2
请不要升级 Virtual Box 版本至 5.1.2
Please don't upgrade to Virtual Box 5.1.2 as it does not seem to work for us at the moment. An issue(#1606) has been submitted to the developers.

该虚拟机版本目前在项目的计算程序上无法正常运行,详情请参见 Github Issue:
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2017-03-02: vLHCathome, VLHCathome project fully migrated

The former vLHCathome project has now been migrated here and the old vLHCathome project site has been redirected.

The credit has also been migrated as discussed in this thread.

If your BOINC client complains about a wrong project URL, please re-attach to this project, LHC@home.

Thanks again to all who contributed to vLHCathome and to those who contribute here!

-- The team
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