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FightAIDS@Home 是位于美国加州的 Scripps 研究学会的分子生物学部亚瑟博士实验室的一个研究计划。

Dr. Arthur J. Olson
FightAIDS@home 计划的领导人。
博士在 Scripps 研究学会是图形实验室的分子生物学和分子制图的一位教授。
Professor Olson leads a large program project funded by the National Institutes of Health to develop new approaches to discover novel AIDS therapeutics based upon our ever-increasing knowledge of the structural biology of HIV.

Dr. Garrett M. Morris FightAIDS@Home 研究计划技术上的负责人。 莫理斯博士是 AutoDock3.0 的作者,涉及 FightAIDS@Home 全球的英特网计算机网格软件设计。
莫理斯博士在1991年收到了来自牛津城的大学物理化学的 D.Phil。他的专长是计算化学和分子的相似性方面,而且他是 Cameleon 的作家,是生物信息学的第一个商业的软件产品之一。

Dr. William Lindstrom received a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Prior to his graduate studies, has had extensive experience in the software industry. He joined Dr. Olson's laboratory in 2000, to pursue a post doctoral position in computer-aided drug design against HIV protease.

Alexandre Gillet is a Programmer and Systems Analyst; responsible for the hardware and software environment in the Olson Lab. He received is Master's degree in Molecular Modelling and Genome Analysis from the University of Paris 7, France.

We are working together with other laboratories here at Scripps and elsewhere, to design, synthesize and test new HIV protease inhibitors that are better than existing drugs in defeating the virus's ability to develop drug resistance

Our collaborators include:

The Elder Laboratory - Virology
The Olson Laboratory - Computational Chemistry

The Sharpless Laboratory - Synthetic Chemistry
The Stout Laboratory - Xray Crystallography
The Torbett Laboratory - Cell Biology
The Wlodawer Laboratory - Xray Crystallography
The Wong Laboratory- Synthetic Chemistry


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